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Enigma Group 2004 Case Studies

2004 was a very busy year for the Enigma Group. In addition to the normal range of programs focusing on Team Building, Leadership Development, Strategic Planning, Sales & Negotiation Training and Customer Service, we had the opportunity to work on a number of interesting projects that were just a little out of the ordinary. The following summaries offer an insight into the diverse range of client needs encountered and Enigma's creative and innovative solutions. If you would like to know more or discuss your needs, please contact us for a new perspective.
Key Talent Retreat - National Australia Bank & Aspira

In collaboration with Ken Lowe from Aspira, a select team of 'up and coming' managers were given the opportunity to challenge their existing paradigms around their roles within the organisation and consider how they could help create the 'Bank of the future'.

Like a Magical Mystery Tour, some participants enjoyed not knowing what was coming up next. Participants were led through a sequence of experiences that were carefully designed to challenge their minds, bodies and spiritual perspectives.

In addition to developing a deeper understanding of themselves, guided discussions and team presentations lead to a more meaningful understanding of the Bank in the community.

Based at Stonelea Country Estate and using the near by Cathedral Ranges activities included Tai Chi, Meditation, High Ropes Course Challenge, Outdoor Cinema, Night Hike and many more.

Participant Feedback

Highly effective…..achieved outcomes. Insightful, clear and useful. Broadened outlook. Substantial contribution, great set up, evocative, moving, life changing. Inspired - will make this program unforgettable - where to from here? Excellent - good learning on fear. Fantastic - thanks for this opportunity.
Customer Focus Training - RACV
How do you improve the level of satisfaction of customers when you are already achieving rates in the high 80% range?

Quest Group Australia has been working with the Road Service Team at RACV for some time. The challenge of getting even better satisfaction rates for Patrolmen initiated a two year process culminating in training late in 2004.

Through a series of Focus Groups, Surveys, Incentive development processes, and work place assessments, Vince from the Enigma Group, developed an intimate understanding of the RACV Road Service. This knowledge of the organisation, and his significant experience in Customer Service Training led to a partnership in the development of a tailored training program that 150 patrols attended over a three month period.

Participant Feedback
Well Done - Excellent! The physical interactive exercises were interesting and fun. Good facilitator & food. The program was interesting and helpful. The whole program was interesting & will be helpful in my work, which will enhance customer satisfaction. Program was well presented.
"Collaboration from Ahah to Application" - ANZ HR Team workshop.
Many experiential training programs use activities to create the realisation within teams or across functional areas, that if they choose to collaborate with others they will get better results. This outcome is only the first step and is often refered to as the "Ahah".

Working collaboratively in complex organisational environments, where multiple agendas exist is difficult for any functional team. Influencing other business units to collaborate without the "Authority" to direct them is the challenge of applying collaboration.

Jim Fizdale from Gadria approached Enigma with an interesting project. Jim was working with a client team who already knew that they wanted to collaborate and were keen to develop their influenceing skills to make it happen. What they were struggling with, was identifying people strategies and initiatives to bring other teams on board and enhance their own collaborative skills. Jim wanted us to create a simulation that would give the team the opportunity to think creatively about applying people strategies and to think critically about how to get things done in a difficult multi-team environment.

Rising to the challenge Enigma developed a simulation that really got the creative juices flowing. By integrating artistic expression, painting talent, basic craft skills, complex communication and stringent performance measures; we got the results. The simulation stimulated a valuable discussion that helped the team to develop a tactical plan to help them apply collaboration strategies when working across the organisation.
Negotiation, Coaching & Conflict Management with Learning Dimensions.
Working as an Associate Consultant with Learning Dimensions in 2004 Vince helped LD to cope with their peak demand. Consulting with clients in Melbourne and Malaysia, and delivering programs in Cairns and Singapore. Using LD Learningware, program participants experienced facilitation of the highest calibre, while LD maintained their branding and commitments to their clients.

Having worked as an associate with more than a dozen leading training companies for over fifteen years, Vince has built a reputation for confidentiality, professionalisin, flexibility and integrity.

Talk to us if you need to expand your delivery or consulting capability with the confidence that we will protect your relationship with your client.
Strategic Planning - helping to clarify the path ahead.
Having a neutral, objective and experienced process facilitator, who can guide stakeholders toward common understanding of the situation and stimulate innovative thinking can be a valuable resource when Strategic Planning.

Enigma supported the "Australian Integrative Medicine Association" and the "CAE" to create alignment with their leadership teams, and map the path ahead.

To get help designing a process to get your team on track, contact us to discuss the possibilities.
Safety Audits - managing risk before it is too late.
The Outdoor Education Group is one of Australia's most highly regarded outdoor training organisations. Their commitment to constantly improving service to clients and leading the industry in "Best Practice" risk management led to a partnership with Enigma to conduct an Audit process on climbing operations.

Enigma's extensive experience in this field enabled a thorough inspection of all equipment used in both Climbing and Ropes Course Operation. In addition, site inspections of programs in the field led to a verification of Common Practice and Procedures and provided useful information that allowed some significant improvements in policy and training procedures.
Simulation Design - Alien Invasion at Macedon.
Emergency Management Australia (EMA) in collaboration with RMIT offer a Graduate Certificate in Emergency Management for key decision makers from all emergency service agencies throughout Australia.

When the lead facilitator was required to leave the program mid process, Vince from Enigma was able to "step in" at very short notice to pick up the pieces and bring the residential program to a successful conclusion.

In addition, we also developed a tailored "Alien Invasion" simulation to reproduce the challenges that emerge in real life "multi-agency" incidents. By creating a situation that was outside of all current response protocols, participants were able to review the various paradigms that impact on their results and relationships in the community.
Hume City Council - Leading Through Values & Vision Workshop.
In collaboration with Quest Group, Enigma has helped a group of leaders from the council understand the distinctions around leading through values & vision.
This three-day workshop was based at Sovereign Hill in Ballarat. We focused on motivation strategies, resolving dissonance and various other communication, presentation, and leadership skills to help the team bring the councils new culture document to life. The program design deliberately built the relationships between new leaders, existing leaders and senior management, while maintaining a fun, interactive and educational environment.
Channel 9 Money Expo
At the recent Channel 9 Money Expo, Vincent Van der Zee from Enigma made a brief presentation about "Creating Can Do Teams". He spoke about various priorities for business leaders in relation to this task including:
  • Strategies for helping teams take responsibility for their actions, ownership of their challenges and accountability for their outcomes.
  • Understanding why many team development strategies fail.
  • How to get your team back on track.
  • About 50 people attended the presentations, many expressed their gratitude for the information that was offered. During this process we discussed a Checklist to assess the level of alignment and engagement in your team.
    If you want to download the checklist Click Here.

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