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Vincent Van Der Zee - Principal Consultant

Vincent Van Der Zee is the principal consultant with The Enigma Group Pty Ltd bringing specialist skill to the team. His astute awareness of issues faced by organisations across all sectors and the challenges imposed by an increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) world, enables Vince to guide leaders through the process of preparing themselves and their people for the journey ahead.

Developing Leaders and Teams for more than thirty years, Vince has earned a reputation for consistently creating original and insightful change processes for both individual and organisational clients.
Originally qualified and working in Outdoor Education, Adventure Training and Wilderness Therapy, which provided a technical and risk management perspective unsurpassed in the industry, Vince now challenges clients in a different space. Through his consulting, facilitation and coaching, he continues to display a unique ability to create a 'safe environment' for participants where they can explore their comfort zone and challenge perceived limitations.

As a facilitator, Vince will often tackle the difficult questions, encouraging the group to push past resistance to uncover untapped potential.

Vincent consistently demonstrates the ability to successfully meet the varying needs of a diverse range of individuals and organisations. With international consulting experience working across Australia, Asia, the United States and the United Kingdom he has developed an excellent global view of organisational and culture change.

Vincent prefers to work with clients where outcomes focus on personal, team and organisational performance. Strategies may include; surveys, process facilitation, organisation wide communication and training events or intensive, 'one on one' leadership and executive coaching.
"The satisfaction I receive from assisting people to understand their 'blind-side',
and watching them apply their knowledge to gain results which surpass their own expectations,
is perhaps the most rewarding work of all."
Using a broad range of models, team development tools and strategies, Vincent skilfully develops an awareness of how results and satisfaction can be enhanced by refining the team process. Vincent is an exceptional presenter and a highly valued member of the consulting team.

In addition to a Bachelor of Education in Training & Development (adult learning), from Melbourne University, Vincent holds an Associate Diploma in Adventure Leadership, Certificate of Training, Cert IV in Assessment & Workplace Training, and an Associate Diploma in Training and Development. He has undertaken further studies related to facilitation and accelerated learning with Stephanie Burns, Gadria and Project Adventure. He qualified as a Mediator through the International Conflict Resolution Centre in 2002, and became an accredited administrator of the Myers Brigs Type Indicator (MBTI) in 2003. More recently has trained in a range of "Team Management Systems" instruments (TMP, QO2, STDP, WOWV & OVP). He has developed his Coaching capability through training with; The Coaching Institute, Forum Learning, Learning Dimensions and Ben Renshaw's 'Super Coach' program.

Vincent has worked with a huge variety of groups in a diverse range of programs. His breadth of experience includes working with:
  • Senior executives to develop strategy for change and clarify Vision & Values,
  • Project Delivery Teams to support productive relationships and effective communication through traditional 'D&C Contracts', 'Collaborative Contracting' and 'Alliances',
  • Production teams to review systems and process to improve productivity and quality,
  • Defence force personnel building resilience and leadership capability,
  • Government sector teams 'Consciously Creating Culture' to improve communication and alignment,
  • Service Industry staff to develop 'Customer Focus' improving customer relationships and retention,
  • Young offenders and a variety of 'rehabilitation' clients to support behaviour change programs,
  • Functional teams to develop specific capabilities including; Front Line Management, Leadership, Innovation, Process Improvement, Selling, Negotiation, Coaching, Feedback and Goal Setting.
  • Coaching clients across many industries, Vince enables leaders at all levels to explore their specific situation, clarify their objectives, identify barriers and limiting beliefs, to then develop action plans with a clear sense of purpose, priorities and strategy. By providing a fresh perspective in a non-judgemental environment, clients can engage in a new narrative around who they want to become and the legacy they wish to leave with their people.

    Vince's broad experience as a consultant, business owner, expedition leader, manager, employer, facilitator, wilderness therapist, parent, mediator and trainer has enabled him to engage with the dynamics of a huge variety of organisational and group contexts. This enables him to rapidly help to interpret a client's situation and context while being able to offer perspectives and options drawn from direct, personal experience.

    Coaching is always a challenging process that aims to help clients grow individually and supports them to achieve even better results through their people. By rapidly establishing rapport, trust and empathy, Vince challenges clients to maintain an internal 'Locus of Control' which is focused directly on their concerns, influence and objectives.

    As a 'process facilitator' Vince creates a 'safe space' for groups to have the conversations they need to have. Whether stakeholders are internal, or external, enabling dialogue to flow in a respectful, outcomes focused process where disparate perspectives can be heard and understood, Vince works toward creating an aligned, shared understanding of the current situation before embarking on the journey of defining goals and creating strategy.

    Through process facilitation Vince has supported many organisations to:
  • Develop strategy where the engagement and alignment is built-in before the document is written. Ownership and commitment lead to effortless implementation.
  • Resolve legacy disputes and ingrained adversarialism to define more collaborative ways of working together.
  • Define behavioural expectations for key stakeholder groups in project delivery.
  • Analyse and define organisational culture in the pursuit of road blocks, de-motivators, toxic relationships, and conflicting objectives to enable the 'Conscious Creation of Culture' in the future.
  • Support the clarification and definition of 'Organisational Vision and Values' to define the road map for 'Consciously Creating Culture'.
  • Vincent is an exceptional presenter who thrives on controversial subject matter and dealing with interpersonal, team and leadership issues. He believes that experiential learning, often utilising natural elements to further embed outcomes, is one of the most powerful strategies for changing attitudes and influencing culture. His enthusiasm in this field is often infectious and he can set most people's concerns to rest.

    His open-minded approach to new projects and willingness to share his enthusiasm in a friendly and relaxed manner allows him to establish rapport with both participants and co-workers easily.

    Often referred to as dry and objective, he strives to ensure that all options and views are heard and considered. This allows him to be an effective arbiter in the event of controversy.

    Over the years Vincent has worked all over Australia and in USA, Europe and Asia. He has been involved with a huge range of training interventions with a multitude of organisations including:
  • VicRoads
  • Australia Post
  • Lend Lease
  • Victoria Police
  • AMP
  • Exxon-Mobil
  • BHP
  • United Energy
  • Cargill FMG
  • Britz Tours
  • Level Crossing Removal Authority
  • Melbourne Water
  • Hume, Bayside, Casey City Councils
  • Servier Laboratories
  • ARB 4WD Accessories
  • Department of Human Services
  • Royal Australian Air Force
  • Carlton & United Brewery
  • Price Waterhouse Coopers
  • The Age Print Centre
  • Anaconda
  • Australian Unity
  • Toyota
  • Office of Housing
  • Telstra
  • Ford Motor Company
  • Diners Club
  • Domaine Chandon
  • Bob Jane T Marts

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