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Leadership Coaching

If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always got. Albert Einstein
Can't see the forest for the trees? How do I get a new perspective?
Years of experience, a broad knowledge of how your business operates, qualifications in your chosen field and a keen desire to do well; will sometimes not be enough to get you through the leadership challenges that you face.
How can you shift from surviving to thriving?
If you, or your team, are struggling to get over the 'bumps in the road' we can help. The 'bumps' that our clients experience are almost always different, but one thing remains the same; they have a sense that they can do better and a keen desire to change.

What does your 'bump' look like?

  • Managing a realistic work / life balance as the demands of my role increase;
  • Shifting my mindset to a more strategic approach;
  • Maintaining productive relationships with the people I work with;
  • Influencing team dynamics to maintain direction & motivation;
  • Prioritising tasks and behaviour where time and resource is scarce;
  • Turning intentions into outcomes;
  • Moving on from significant incidents or trauma;
  • Engaging other leaders in the organisation to help forge the future;
  • Planning and implementing organisational or cultural change strategy.

  • "As someone new to leadership coaching I was unaware of the power of it as a tool to explore my inner working. I have found leadership coaching with Vince a very thought provoking process that has challenged many of my thoughts about myself in both the work and personal context. Coaching is helping me open up my hidden potential and become a better leader, and more importantly, person."

    Chris Coghlan - Team Leader Delivery (ITS) - VicRoads - M80 Ring Road Upgrade

    Whether you engage your coach for only a couple of sessions or commit to a six or twelve month program, we commit to; remain objective and judgement free.
    Your coach will however; challenge you, hold you accountable for your behaviour, explore what makes you 'tick', uncover your resistance, take you out of your 'comfort zone', play the devil's advocate, and tell you the truth.
    On the other hand, your coach will; be there to support you as you grow & learn, they will share your enthusiasm and celebrate your success with you. Our job is to help you transform into the leader that you want to become.
    Call us now to talk about how Leadership Coaching can take you to the next level.

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