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Leadership Development

The key to successful leadership today is influence, not authority. - Kenneth Blanchard
Business leaders today need to know how to:

  • Lead innovative process to create solutions that forge the future;
  • Gain the commitment of staff when the environment is uncertain;
  • Respond to the diverse needs and expectations of their teams;
  • Inspire teams to follow when traditional paradigms of power and authority no longer apply.
  • In this age of ever increasing rates of change, we can no longer rely on the leadership styles that allowed the previous generation of leaders to get success. Enigma creates; Leadership Development Strategies, to meet the specific needs of many different organisations and industries, to build the skills and confidence of their future business leaders.

    · We facilitate dialogue with executive teams who are developing their leadership strategy.
    · We train groups of emerging and middle managers to develop and refine their skills.
    · We coach individual leaders who require additional support to realise their objectives.

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