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Simulation Design for Teamwork and Business Development

"Experience: that most brutal of teachers. But you learn, my God do you learn." - C.S. Lewis
'Experiential Learning' is often at the core of our approach to developing individuals, teams and organisations. It offers a unique space in which participants can gain clarity around a topic without the distortion of the 'filters' that come with; politics, history, ego and policy. In that space we can see our potential future clearly.

Over the years the Enigma Group has been contracted by numerous organisations and small training companies to create specific simulation activities.

The application of these activities within a Training & Development context has created some outstanding results.

These simulations have been used to achieve the following outcomes;

  • To practice specific skills learned during a training program in a realistic, real time application.

  • To clarify for employees how specific issues in their work place are created and can be addressed through empowerment.

  • To validate the application of "Cross Functional Teams" within previously fragmented areas of organisations.

  • To explore how clarity of vision can become reality through collaboration.

  • To anchor learning through action, emotion and fun.
  • If you would like to discuss the possibility of using simulations to support your next training intervention please call. We may be able to use one of many existing activities or explore some options around creating a new one.
    The Enigma Group can also help with facilitation of the event or alternatively coach your staff to do the job.

    Work with us to help create the; 'Aha' for your next program.

    Click on the icons below for more information about each of these sample simulations!

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