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Strategic Planning - Business Development

"Vision without action is a dream. Action without vision is simply passing the time. Action with Vision is making a positive difference." - Joel Barker - 'Futurist'

We believe that your people know your business best!

Therefore our facilitators aim to simply guide productive conversations, apply processes that foster lateral and innovative thinking, engage and motivate participants, develop shared understanding, and plan for action.

When facilitating your Strategic Planning Sessions we:

  • Create an environment where all individuals have the opportunity to contribute their ideas, concerns, wisdom and passion for the future of their organisation,
  • Analyse trend data, environmental influences, critical incidents and more,
  • Explore divergent views and challenge assumptions to uncover new perspectives,
  • Keep discussions on track to maintain momentum in the process,
  • Develop Action and Implementation Plans,
  • Support a roll out process to encourage understanding and 'Buy-In'.
  • Confirm alignment around Vision.
  • Clarify organisational Values to guide behaviour and shape culture.
  • As every organisation is different; we can tailor a process to suit your style, needs & budget.
    Talk to us today to get the ball rolling on your Strategic Map!

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