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Plutonium Pills

The Plutonium Pills simulation was developed for a specific customer service training program. It's primary purpose was to clarify for participants how the communication between departments in their organisation was directly impacting on customer satisfaction, and that all stakeholders were accountable. The second function was to create awareness of their respective skill gaps in customer service to motivate learning in that area.
The simulation also helped to energise the group and break down some traditional barriers.
As this was a custom designed simulation for a specific business environment. The organisation was able to purchase outright the equipment and an Australia wide license to conduct the activity.

The Enigma Group also trained their staff and provided support material to streamline operation.

"It has changed the way I work with customers - I now see an unhappy customer as someone who needs help solving a problem........ And I'm the person who can solve that problem. By listening, questioning and understanding their problem, I can find the solution."

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